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Meat-Land 65 Ltd. is an increasingly dominant and dynamically developing market player of the Hungarian meat business since 2008. We distributed more than 30.419 tons of products throughout the year of 2019.


Meat-Land 65 Ltd. is an increasingly dominant and dynamically developing market player of the Hungarian meat business since 2008. We distributed more than 30.419 tons of products throughout the year of 2019.

Significant part of the products sold by our company are fresh and frozen pork meat cuts, manufacturing raw materials, as well as poultry,- beef, and other meat products which form part of our complete product range. 

Majority and largest part of our market are Central and Eastern Europe, and some particular countries of the Far East. Our priority, besides our export and import activity, is providing our Clients with accurate service and high quality raw materials. The quality of our distributed products is excessively important for us, consequently, our Suppliers are all leading European and Hungarian slaughterhouses and cutting plants having appropriate quality management systems and corresponding accredited certificates.

The many year experience of our people guarantees the quality of our service.

We strive for the maximum flexibility, full satisfaction and for the most reliable service of our Clients’ needs.
Our solid administrative background is ensured by our colleagues operating professionally our SAP and other interim business systems.
Meat-Land 65 Ltd. signed up to EKAER (Electronic Road Traffic Control) System among the first in January, 2015. As a law-abiding market player, it is crucial for us to meet the requirements of our data reporting obligations, in order to assure our market position among the companies trading with reliable, high quality and well trackable products.

Our Logistics Department handle transportation and storing as well as and customs clerarance of the products, while our cold storage with comprehensive logistics capacity is at the disposal of our Clients.
Our main objective is to provide our Clients with a high level service, guaranteed by HACCP and IFS certificates issued upon the scanning of our company operations by internationally acknowledged quality insurance companies.


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Meat-Land 65 Ltd. was chosen as it demonstrates exceptional achievements in one of the 12 European Business Awards’ categories, and reflects the programme’s core values of innovation, success and ethics. 

It is an honor for us to have been able to participate in an event of such great volume. We are grateful to our partners for all their support!

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We offer fresh and frozen pork, beef and poultry cuts, offals and raw materials, as well as fish and bushmeat.
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